A dress like that

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A dress like that. Who wouldn’t want to wear a dress like that? I saw this beautiful dress on Pinterest and knew I wouldn’t wear it for a couple of reasons: I like sleeves, and it’s a bit out of my price range. No big deal. Who wouldn’t want to wear a dress like that? It’s B E A U T I F U L. It’s a wonderful mix of lace and tulle and satin.
It’s beautiful.

The idea ruminated [kind of like simmered except better] and the magic of “just-keeping-your-eye-out-for-stuff-and-catching-an-awesome-sale” brought me to this:

I found it at Downeast for under $10. It wasn’t the perfect size. [It was a large.] No problem. I remedied that.
Next find.
[I love swishy.]
 I put this fabulous extender-swishy-slip together at the beginning of the year.  BoOm–already in my closet.
The shrug was also already in my closet.
And the belt–bOoM–already in my ‘fabulous-accessories-of-the-universe’ stash.
Which brings us to the grand total of something I love:
Couple of things:
1–My waist is that magnificently tiny.
No, it’s not. I had to tighten the belt with a safety pin in the back to get it to stay on the dress of loveliness.
2–I am not [absolutely NOT] a photographer. This is not a photo-genius blog.
[And maybe you shouldn’t be thinking, “Obviously” because that would be unnecessary and naughty simultaneously.]
I love this belt.
[They are all over the place on eBay for great prices–especially if you’re willing to wait a couple of weeks for shipping. Here’s a spot, just in case you’re wondering. I don’t know how long the link will last.]
I wore the outfit with a pair of saucy black pumps–and was thrilled to be me whilst wearing it.
I love that.
Excuse me while I go dance in my kitchen.
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