From boxy to much better

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Greetings and Salutations.  Just so you know–not every dress I own is made of lace (though such a thing wouldn’t make me crazy).  I found this gem at Downeast (it’s a place of wonder when they have the clothes-all-piled-in-boxes-and-scattered-hither-and-yon-on-tables kind of sale) for $15.

I put it on and realized immediately that I looked like a lace box of wonder.  Or a rectangle.  (Geometry details, who needs them.)  I’m a girl who doesn’t care how great the dress is ON the rack (or in the box, for that matter)–if it doesn’t look great on ME, my philosophy is to take it OFF.

But I didn’t want to, mostly because my other philosophy is to try and fab-it-up before tossing it out.

I grabbed a piece of grosgrain ribbon from the fabulous accessories drawer (that everyone should have to some degree) and Ta-Da.  Not the box anymore.

Remember that I am not a model.

Except for maybe a model citizen. That is all.

Add two strands of long pearls (each wrapped once)–a perfect flower–grab a pair of beautiful shoes and BoOm!  I think I’ll wear it again. No. I know I’ll wear it again.

The shoes of fabulousness.

Pardon me while I go catch a little boogie in the kitchen.

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8 thoughts on “From boxy to much better

  1. Will you come dress me? I need your fashion and accessory talent pronto! I love how you TRIED to make the dress look not adorable in the first photo, but because of your fabulousness….the dress still looked great. HOWEVER, your paPOW! accessories totally blew the awesomeness meter off the grid. =)

    1. Wouldn’t that just be one of the most fabulous jobs on. the. planet. Helping people accessorize. BoOm. And–I may just have to borrow your “paPOW” word. (With your permission of course.) Great word.

  2. Yes you are a model and YOU make the dress look wonderful! Every Sunday I wonder to myself, where did she get that dress AND what kind of a deal did she get? I agree with Jen, I need you to come help me find some good deals and cute clothes!

    1. In a heartbeat. I hope you know–and I should probably mention this in a blog–it just takes a lot of guessing to see what will work. I do love having options, though.

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