The wonderful world of crates

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The wonderful world of crates.

The wonderful world of crates. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to get around repeating the title [I’m rolling my eyes right now] in the first line of the first paragraph. It has to do with “readability” and it frankly puzzles me. If you are a WordPress genius and can help me figure that out I will name a tree in our backyard after you. Or don a tutu and dance a dance of jubilation. ~sigh~ I’m a Pinterest fan. There are some creative, wonderful, very clever ideas to be found there. I’ve been pinning crate and pallet ideas for several months trying to find one that inspired me to DO something — like make a crate thingy.

We’ve lived in this home for eight years which is a VERY long time in Teresa years.

[Very similar to dog years.]

Which only means that I needed to make a change or two.

Or three.

Or four.

I love change.

I certainly do.

It keeps life fresh and new and different and right.

But that could be an entirely different blog post.

Back to living in the same house for twice as long as I’ve ever lived in a place.

I needed to make a change or two. Or three. Or as many as I wanted.

#1–I painted part of the wall a beautiful, bright [but not too bright] color of fabulous.

[Ignore the creative stack of crates — we’ll come back to that in a moment.]

 crate shelf stacked

#2–I switched out the curtains in the living room.

[They are a deep brown now]

#3–I painted the base of lamp we inherited from the Handsome Dude’s parents [it was green glass] and ‘wondered up’ the lampshade.

[Before I saw such a lampshade on pinterest. For real.]

 burlap ruffle lampshade
#4–I made some Anthropologie look-a-like curtains for the other set of windows in the room.
[Note to the general public.
It required an astonishing amount of time to put these together.
I would purchase–NOT make them–if ever I had the notion to have this kind of curtain again. Amen.]
Now to the wonderful world of crates–remember this picture?
I stacked and re-stacked and moved those crates around until I found a shape I liked.
I took a pic — showed the Handsome-Dude — and took the project into the garage.
[He can pretty much make, construct, put together anything.
Not kidding.
He’s not only handsome–he’s clever.]

The crates are glued, but not cut.

 Crate shelf stacked and glued
We glued, nailed, cut, trimmed, and added a false drawer and some easy-peasy legs.
[I cut four pieces from a 4×4 and angled them.]
Primed it.
Painted it.
The color is gorgeous.
I promise there is no pink undertone.
It’s just a rich, wonderful red.
[Out-of-focus, blurry red.]

This one is easier on your eyes.

Or maybe not.


You might have noticed that the glued crate structure is upside down.

crate shelf styled

Here’s a side-by-side just for the fun of it.

Crate shelf collage

You can see that it was flipped, right?

It was unintentional.

We didn’t even notice until we took the pics.


So–all I need to do now is wait for the ceiling to be patched, textured, and painted.

There’s still a thin layer of insulation on everything that needs to be cleaned.


When it’s all cleaned up I can put things back together into a picture of loveliness.

I’m headed to the kitchen for some dancing.
I need to do that part of my day more often.

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16 thoughts on “The wonderful world of crates

  1. 1. I love, love, love your quirky funness!!!
    B. Why are you and handsome dude always beheaded in these photos? How can I be sure he’s really handsome? Hmmmm????
    3. I am also stealing the word “fluffified”!!!! And adding it to “rawr”! Now I gotta figure out a way to put those in the same sentence…

  2. I’ve become a Teresa-Jones-blog-reader. I’m a Johnnie-come-lately but I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up! I LOVE your fun writing style and your great attitude about life. You just make me happy Teresa Jones!

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