Pillow Palooza

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Pillow Palooza

Pillow Palooza. That’s the kind of name that would definitely work for the number of pillows I’ve been trying to slam through in the last few days.
Nine. Yes, nine pillows in the last four days. Frankly, none of them were difficult–just time consuming.
Here’s all nine of them in no particular sort of organization. Nine great pillows that certainly don’t belong on the same couch at the same time. It’s a bit of a mish-mash, hodge-podge.

Four of the pillows are for an adorable girl [two of them are hers], her mom, and a sister.  I offered to use some of the fabulous fabric from the table runners we used at her reception to make some pillows.  [A really fun way to extend the memories of the whole day.]

She was married in August–which would actually make me super-speedy seeing that we are only two weeks into September.  However–she was married in August 2011. Which was a year ago. Yikes. It’s taken me too long but there’s a bit of consolation in the fact that they’re done.

I saw the floral pillow on Pinterest.

I can’t tell you if the tutorial is a great one or not because I didn’t follow the instructions.

Here’s the purple flower pillow [I love a green and purple combination] with the two ribbon pillows. The ribbon material was used to cover the wedding cake table as well as cut in squares and placed in the middle of the guest tables.

That fabulous green lattice fabric was used as table runners.

Pillow Palooza
Here’s the blue flower pillow with the same two ribbon pillows.
Pillow Palooza

Glad to be done.

As far as dancing goes–I had music going while I sewed–and deliberately took a dance break every so often so that my head wouldn’t fall off of my shoulders from all of the sewing.

Boogie palooza.


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