Olaf Free Printable Valentine | #4

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Olaf Free Printable Valentine — #4

Thank you for letting me know you love these little Valentines as much as I do.

It makes my heart sing.

Here’s a quick recap of the first three.

Click on the links for access to the free printable.

#1 — O-laf you this much.

#2 — Some people are worth melting for.

And #3 — O-laf me loves O-laf you!

collage for olafs

Here’s #4.

Let me introduce you to the fourth and final Olaf Free Printable Valentine idea.


You melt my heart valentine with heart

It’s the simplest one of them all.

What you’ll need:

— white paper

— scissors or a cutting tool

— tape

— chocolate candy hearts

— a pen

[I tried to figure out a way for you to magically print out a piece of tasty chocolate in the shape of a heart.

Mostly because that would be the most splendid kind of thing ever — BUT — no can do-ski.

Just know that I thought of you.]

Here’s what you do:

First — click on the free printable link and print a page or two or three.

Second — cut each sheet into quarters.

You melt my heart valentine

Third — tape a chocolate morsel to the valentine.

Fourth — unwrap one of those chocolate morsels and plunk it into your mouth just before you convince your little one that they really can write who it’s to and from.

Fifth — fill in the “To” and “From” parts.

And that’s it.

You melt my heart valentine with heart

Except if you feel like nibbling/tasting/gobbling another one of those chocolate morsels.

Which is reasonable.

You know what I think would be extra super cute?

Let the chocolate candy hearts melt in the the warmth of the sun on your dashboard and then smash them a little.

It could be a more meaningful Valentine.

You know, because the person who receives it melted the giver’s heart.

[At the very least it could be a great story for someone’s mom or dad to share to post on Facebook.]


I hope you’ve enjoyed these fun Olaf Free Printable Valentine ideas!

They were a big deal for me just because I’d never even put a printable together.

And now I’m wondering what other printables would you like to see on the blog?

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10 thoughts on “Olaf Free Printable Valentine | #4

    1. Oh! I’m thrilled that you found these! Please feel free to send me a pic of your completed Valentine’s treasures. I would love to see them and post them on the blog with your permission.

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