Olaf Valentine free printable | #3

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Olaf Valentine free printable.

I’m delighted to say that these  Olaf Valentine printables have been received enthusiastically by so many.
I’m all kinds of grateful for that.
Thank you.
This Olaf Valentine is the third one of four I’ve been working on–and it’s a winner.
This adorable little singing snowman has won my heart, and probably yours, as well as a sizeable percentage of the child population [if not all of them] on the planet.
[Please hop, skip, and jump past these instructions if you’re looking for the printable which is at the end of the post.]

Here’s the ‘how-to’ for the adorable O-laf me LOVES O-laf you.

 [translation being: all of me LOVES all of you].


[I always print a ‘pilot’ page–a tester–just to get accustomed to what someone’s printable looks like and how to cut it without wasting the pricier cardstock.]

–There’s space at the top of two of the valentines and at the bottom of two of the valentines for writing “to:” and “from:”

–It won’t affect how you cut the paper.

–There are 4 valentines/sheet.

–Cut the page into quarters.

–Address them [the “to” and “from” part of it].

Here are a few ideas about where to place that.

On the side.

On the bottom kind of in the middle.

Across the bottom.

I was going to write it across the top, but decided that “O-laf me LOVES O-laf you” would have been a bit crowded.

[You’re the boss of it in all the world–write it wherever you’d like. Just not across his little melty cute face because that would be a tapestry travesty. Well–you can even write it there, just don’t tell me that  you wrote it there.]


–Tape the heart on and you’re done.

It’s the simplest one of the three so far.


I would love to know which of the three is your favorite.

O-laf me loves O-laf you printable

Enjoy the day.

Three down–one to go.

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