Muddy Buddy Andes Mint

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Muddy Buddy Andes Mint

This is the second recipe of a trio — a tasty trio.

The first recipe: Muddy Buddy Samoas [the one pictured in the middle] is here.

Today’s post is the one on the right: Andes Mint.

This recipe wins the “quick to put together” award.

Opening photo March 19

I love mint.

[You know that doesn’t mean I’ll grab a tube of toothpaste and chow down, right?]

Mint is wonderful.

 This recipe is the perfect mix of crunch, mint, and chocolate.

Here’s the source for this refreshing [it’s mint — of course it’s refreshing] treat.

Here’s how things went down when me and my baking buddies, Cathy and Tyler.

[I hope you ever have the chance to meet them. They are remarkable and delightful people.]

Muddy Buddy Andes Mint

muddy buddy andes mint

It’s a 3-ingredient list:

6-7 cups Rice Chex cereal [Using a generic brand proved as tasty.]

2 boxes (4.67 oz each), unwrapped and melted
[If you happen to try melting the little nuggets with the wrapping on, please let me know how that works.]

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

muddy buddy andes mint ingred

You’ll also need a large mixing bowl, a medium microwaveable bowl, a 1-gallon size plastic bag, and a large mixing spoon/spatula.


Measure the cereal into a large mixing bowl.

muddy buddy rice chex

Measure the powdered sugar into the plastic bag and set it aside.

Unwrap those delectable Andes Mints into a microwave safe bowl.

muddy buddy andes mints wrappers

If you plan [and I use the word plan intentionally because that’s what I did–planned] to nibble on them whilst you’re unwrapping, make sure you purchase an extra box.

Use the 30-second rule when melting the chocolate candies:

30 seconds in the microwave.


Melt and stir.

Melt and stir.

muddy buddy andes mint melted

That’s 30 seconds into the melting and one stir.

I plunked in 30 seconds more and checked it at 20 seconds — a quick stir and it was done.

Pour the melted mint and chocolate over the Rice Chex and mix.

Carefully mix until the cereal is evenly coated.

[You don’t want microscopic pieces of cereal to rule the day.]

Remember the plastic bag with the powdered sugar in it? Yeh-yeh. Grab that.

Okay — add that tasty mix of cereal and melted Andes Mints to the bag of powdered sugar at your convenience.

As long as ‘at your convenience’ is fairly quickly — you don’t want the chocolate to start acting like cement that’s drying.

Transfer the cereal mix to the powdered sugar in the plastic bag [don’t use a paper bag]
and shake, shake, shake until there’s a fine, wonderful coating of the powdery stuff covering every morsel.

Wait for the dust to settle.

Pour the Muddy Buddy Andes Mint mix into a fancy bowl.

Or just a bowl.

Or eat it out of the plastic bag.

It’s delicious and quick.


Measure. Pour. Measure. Pour. Unwrap. Melt. Stir. Melt. Pour. Place. Toss. Eat.

muddy buddy all three recipes

Which one would be your first choice?

Mine? The blue bowl.

Me + Mint = true love.


Two recipes posted. One to go.

Enjoy the day.

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