Birthdays are important

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Birthdays are important

Ahh, birthdays. [Be sure to make it all the way to the end of the blog for the giveaway!] Remember Alice Palace? She’s the  adorable 4 – year old niece who became a guest blogger at the very end of last year — 2015. Birthdays Are Important is her third post and I kinda can’t wait until you read it. It’s delightful.

Alice dictates the entire post to her mom who quickly types it word for word — which just means that the wording and grammar belong to the wonder of a 4 – year old. [I particularly adore that aspect of this joint venture.] When it arrives, I add photos and spaces.

It’s a dreamy setup.

I send her momma ideas about what Alice can write about and then — voila — magic.

This month I celebrated a birthday and thought it would be wonderful to hear what Alice Palace had to say about such a thing.

You’re sure to find it charming.



“Birthdays are important, because they’re special.

“Do you know why they’re special, Teresa? Well, I’ll tell you. Because we celebrate them. You know why we celebrate them? Because we can bring presents and eat cake.

“If you go outside during the party, you have to come inside to do that, but no running inside. Just be polite.

“Birthdays are something people have when they’re a different year old. If I was 5 and I had a birthday I would be 6 until my next birthday.

“I’m always happy to have birthdays.

“I was born on my birthday, but I don’t remember anything that happened on that day. Because it was so long ago that I don’t even remember anything.

“My mother has told me lots about when I was born. Like I used to call my blankie my “poof.” I don’t call it that anymore, because I’m a big girl now.

My best birthday was my second birthday, which I was 2, and my eye spy birthday when I was three, and my four party that Teresa came over and painted a beautiful butterfly on me and I loved it so much that I want to her to do that on another day.

“I love Bonnie’s birthdays too. [Bonnie is her 2 – year old sister.] She has the best birthdays ever too.

“Every birthday is brilliant and amazing.

“But at my zero birthday I don’t even know what I did. But I do know another word for when you were born: birth.

“I just love birthdays.

“When it’s someone else’s birthday you should play with them and be kind to them. We give them a present and someone makes us cake. Every cake is the best cake. But with my I spy birthday cake I spit a not real fish out of my mouth, cause it wasn’t for eating.

“I hope it’s my birthday again soon so I can have balloons on my floor. Every day when I wake up and there’s no balloons on the floor, I know it’s not my birthday.

[Balloons on the bedroom floor is a birthday tradition in her house.]

“I love everyone’s birthday in the whole world. I want to go to all of their parties.

That will be so fun.”


Alice Palace and her view of birthdays for the win.

My celebration of being born included tutus, balloons, and a few of my favorite things I share with a few of my favorite people.

That’s in another post which will include some recipes of deliciousness.

Until that’s written, enjoy the ridiculousness dance of joyous celebrations and awesome dancing.

You might want to grab a tutu and join in.

Alice Palace, tutus, and dancing for the win.

Which brings us ever so smoothly to something you can actually win.

Don’t forget to enter!


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2 thoughts on “Birthdays are important

    1. I agree. I’m delighted that she even agreed to do it (as well as Charli because THAT component is quite important ~grin~) and grateful that it means something a little extra to you.

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