Alice Palace Loves Spiders

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Alice Palace Loves Spiders

Alice Palace loves spiders. I know. I’m astounded and astonished. She’d like to become a bug scientist. [How in the world can I even be related to anyone with that kind of aspiration.] She also loves playing at the beach, staying with Grandad in his really fabulous suite, vacationing with family, eating spaghetti — and blogging. It’s been awhile since we’ve had the pleasure of her writing a blog post. I am completely smitten when she does. Here is the ever adorable, Alice Palace and her view on quite a few things.

Alice Palace loves spiders

Teresa, I love you.

We went to San Diego in our car. Then we went to three kinds of beaches. But before that we had to find our new house. Then we went to a wavey beach with lots of waves. I went in there with my mom or my dad or my grandma. I didn’t go super far, but guess how far my dad went! He went super far jumping over the waves.

Alice Palace loves spiders

We went to a second beach which had super much shells. Too much to find. We went into the water with our swimming suits on and I had to try that. I wanted, really really wanted, to try finding shells in the water.

Grandma found me lots of pretty shells and later I found some for her too.

Then after those two beaches, we went to a third beach and it had none waves and guess how far me and dad and my sister went? We went super far. The rest of the way dad carried us cause it got super deep.

We builded some sand castles and the best part is we builded a swimming pool with super high water.

Alice Palace loves spiders

And the really best part is I made new friends.

We went to the zoo. We had so much fun. We saw gorillas and one very, very old gorilla. We saw the insects and reptiles too.

I think they were magnificent.

[Here’s the loves spiders bit, because really who puts there body in such astonishing proximity to even a dead arachnid?!]

I really love bugs and I really wish I could be a bug scientist when I grow up. Because I just love bugs so much.

Alice Palace loves spiders

I love that they crawl and fly.

I love their colors and the cool things that they do. I loved the whole entire zoo. Even the sky ride was amazing. We went in some boxes that were floating on a wire. I was not scared. I was just enjoying the ride.

We saw some polar bears.

One was panting from being hot and the other one was in the water cooling off. I felt sad for the one who was in the sunlight. I think she should go in the water with the other one. We saw flamingos at the zoo and penguins.

The penguins stinked so bad. I really love penguins, but not their stinkiness. None of them were in the water.

I stayed at granddad’s hotel for a lot of days and then we had to go home on Sunday. We were so high up on the 30th floor. It was so high that we could see a lot and a lot of boats. I love Granddad so much. And Nan too. I had a really good trip, but I didn’t really like driving so much. The car ride was taking a long time.

We almost missed dinner, but luckily we stopped somewhere for dinner and that place had spaghetti. I ordered that because I love spaghetti. Sometimes I slurp it up in my mouth super fast. Sometimes it gets on my face and makes a spaghetti trail.

We had a very fun trip.

The End

What’s your favorite quote from her post?

alice palace loves spiders

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4 thoughts on “Alice Palace Loves Spiders

    1. Yes! And–I love the compassion she shows towards the polar bear that didn’t get in the water. She’s an adorable little girl.

  1. My favorite quote. “I like penguins, but not their stickiness.” I like that the third beach had “none waves” and I like the photo with the trapped little brother behind the glass. Life is so unfair.

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