DIY Accent Rug Pillow Cover

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DIY Accent Rug Pillow Cover

It’s a DIY accent rug pillow cover — a really cute DIY accent rug pillow cover. I’m guessing that you’ve already done something like this. If you haven’t already done something like this, you’ll probably want to after you’ve read about it. It’s a simple, fun project that doesn’t require a sewing machine.

 Accent Rug Pillow Cover

No sewing machine required.

Pillows are about the easiest [as well as the quickest] way to change up the look of a room. When there’s not a bone in my body that wants to re — cover or make a pillow, there are a couple of sites that I love to check out. Sometimes they have what I’m looking for — sometimes they’ll give me an idea — and sometimes I just need to keep looking.

The internet brings an array of splendid choices right to your fingertips.

Which brings me to why I decided to make a pillow cover instead of buy one.

Quite simply — the stars aligned. Mostly because my sister, Bonnie, purchased an accent rug to make a pillow cover and then decided not to. Dreamy.

accent rug pillow cover

 There’s nothing special about the brand —  it’s the color and the texture that won me over. [Most of the time I’m pretty much brand blind.] Every once in awhile I’ll find an accent rug that’s just too beautiful to pass up. They often have such fun textures and prints.

Welcome to a partial view of our master bedroom.

accent rug pillow cover

It’s currently existing in a mixed state of boring and anxious anticipation.

We’ve been working ourselves through a master bedroom makeover this past year. The walls are a dreamy shade of blue [our photographer is looking for a new camera even as she types — this isn’t an accurate photo of the wall color]; the curtains and bedspread are new. The bare walls are also stark raving new as is the enormity of space on top of the bed. That will all happen in due time. Right now I’m focusing on one pillow of awesomeness.

[Please feel free to offer any and all suggestions that come popping into your head as you look at the utter blankness of this fledgling room.]

Materials you’ll need:

1 — An accent rug you love!

accent rug pillow cover

2 — A pillow you just want to cover up because it currently doesn’t blend in or accent anything in the house. It’s even a little rough around the edges.

Perfect candidate.

You can also just buy a pillow form [On sale would be nice, huh?] or use batting.

accent rug pillow cover

3, 4, 5 — Scissors, needles, and some kind of thread/rope/invisible thread/embroidery floss to make the actual stitches with.

I opted for a sharp darning needle [not the biggest one pictured — the other one] because that’s what went through the pillow edges without using too much force. If you’ve ever had the head of a needle — not the point, although that has happened as well — pushed into your finger because you’re trying to force the needle through too much fabric — well –that’s all I need to say.

accent rug pillow cover

The two smaller needles are great, but were no match for the thickness I needed to go through.

accent rug pillow cover

That’s all you’ll need.

I tried something a little different for this tutorial and actually recorded part of the process. [I’m a brave little cabbage head.]

Let’s just see how well this goes.

Accent rug pillow completed

I love this pillow!

Okay, the instructions are broken up into three smaller sections for no particular reason at all. ~grin~ It’s just how it turned out.

DIY accent rug pillow cover —  Part 1 of 3

[As a side note here, is there anyone reading this blog who know how to officially make a recording from above? I would be ever so grateful for the information. Ever so.]

DIY accent rug pillow cover —  Part 2 of 3

 DIY accent rug pillow cover — Part 3 of 3

I really love that pillow.

L – O – V – E

boring bedroom plus one pillow
There’s still some color, texture and shape to add to this really fun space.

Have I already mentioned that I love the pillow, because look at it.

And think about it — if you have an idea or two for the space of wall above the bed, I’d love to hear it. Or see it if you want to post a pic. 
That would be awesome.
Have the best kind of day.

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