Back to Story-time–Some Karen, Some Don’t

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Back to Storytime —  Some Karen, Some Don’t

Back to Storytime.

I could not be more late to share some library love this month and for that I, Karen the Librarian, apologize. Finishing up my summer reading programs kicked my hiney but it’s mostly over now and I’m getting myself put back together for the school year. Right now I’m eyebrow deep putting together all my different storytime programs for fall, planning a new preschool dance program called “BIBLIOBOP!’, getting my after school activities figured out, and *drum roll* purchasing new books!!!

Buying books for the library is seriously one of my favorite things on earth to do. It’s shopping but with someone else’s money! I get to read reviews and decide which books get to come live at the library. Best of all? I get to read stacks of new books when they arrive.


So, as I was assembling my purchasing list, I thought, “why not share some of my favorite recent finds with you?!”


I’ve listed 10 books I’m excited to get my hands on this fall:

 “Top 10 New Picture Books I Can’t Wait to Read at Storytime”


I do order more things than picture books but, alas, I can’t share them all with you here. Feel free to request book lists for other readers as well. I’m currently working on a list of books for those kids who have outgrown the simple readers but are not quite ready for chapter books. Those in-betweener books can be tough to find but I’m getting a nice list of books to get kids through that reading level.


Happy reading and YAY for school!

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