Easy DIY Pillow Covers | August 29

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Easy DIY Pillow Covers | August 29

Easy DIY Pillow Covers — and I truly mean “easy” in the “achieved without great effort” kind of way. Simple shmimple. We have a couch that’s in fabulous condition except that the back cushions are a bit worn around the edges. That kind of thing is the easiest kind of thing for me to remedy — short of purchasing new pillows/pillow covers. This project was particularly convenient because all materials were on hand.

Here’s the somewhat finished project. At this point the bottoms haven’t been sewn closed.

easy diy pillow covers

I’m a girl who likes to check the progress of a project before it’s actually finished. It’s a bit irresistible, really. Stuffing the old cushions inside of the new covers to discover that they fit is delightful.


Yes, there are plenty of times when things don’t work out — but that’s for another post.

This post is for making pillow covers that are wonderfully easy and super easy and really easy.

Here’s what you need for these easy diy pillow covers.

— pillows to cover up

You can certainly purchase pillow forms from any number of stores — and if you have a coupon that would be dreamy — otherwise use something you already have that could use a bit of a makeover.

— fabric you’d like to cover the pillow(s) with

I happened to have a set of curtains that I’d purchased from Jane.com or Great Deals or something but didn’t end up using. They were perfect.

— a sewing machine

— a needle and some thread 

That’s it.

[Just so you know, I’m putting together a video showing y’all how to make a pillow case without sewing a stitch. Just so you know.]

Back to the task at hand.

Pillows to cover up — check.

easy diy pillow covers

Fabric to cover the pillows with — check.

Easy diy pillow covers

These are the curtains. The color was perfect and I really liked the pattern with the main body of the couch. A lot I liked it.

easy diy pillow covers

It’s always a very good idea to make sure that the fabric you’ve selected actually fits the pillows you are covering. It’s as simple as laying the fabric out and then laying the pillow(s)

on top of it.

I pulled the fabric on the left in this next picture over the top of the pillow to make sure the ends overlapped about an inch.

easy diy pillow cover

The pillows happened to fit the width of the fabric [read curtain] perfectly.

easy diy pillow covers

The folded over fabric would cover the width of the pillow. I needed to make sure that the height fit the pillow. That’s the part I needed to cut.

easy diy pillow covers

I had three pillows to cover, which meant cutting three identical pieces of fabric.

It took less than 15 minutes to get this far.

I’m telling you — it’s an easy diy pillow covers project.

Now you sew.

[This part went so quickly that it didn’t even occur to me to snap a photo. I made a smaller mock up of a pillow cover because someone is bound to want a picture of what’s next.]

Make sure the fabric is placed right sides together.

easy diy pillow covers

With the fabric right sides together, sew a 1/4″–1/2″ seam down both sides. Leave the top open so you can turn it inside out.

easy diy pillow covers

Go ahead and sew the top closed about 3″ on each side of the opening, as in the photo below. It will help immensely when it comes to hand-stitching it closed.

Once it’s sewn, turn your cover inside out and place the pillow inside. To make sure I don’t pop a stitch, I’ll squash that pillow with my powerful thighs [it’s a little bit delightful that I just typed that and didn’t immediately delete it]. Sometimes you can almost fold the pillow in half — place it in the cover –and then let it open.

easy diy pillow covers

Once the pillows are in the covers, the final task is to hand stitch them closed.

I’ll link you to a previous Easy DIY Pillow Covers tutorial complete with videos. It will show you one of the many stitches you can use to securely close it up.

You’re done except for the hurry and place them on your couch or chair or bed or wherever these beauties are going.

Stare at them. Because why not? YOU just did a courageous, creative thing, and your home is the more beautiful because of it.

easy DIY pillow covers

 It’s super easy DIY pillow covers — but — sometimes I don’t express myself well and you may have questions. Fire away. If you need more clarification, or even an idea how to cover something that’s not as simple as a square cushion — please ask. I’m fabulous at responses. Because that’s just how I roll.

If you make a pillow cover, I’d love to hear about it, in the comments below.

In fact, please do comment. Any kind of comment. Well. Kind ones. The other kind would probably end up in a dark whole of deep darkness or something.

I will adore it.

Have the very best kind of week, my friends.

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