Halloween Things I Know | Alice Palace

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Halloween Things I know | Alice Palace

Halloween Things I Know brought to you by Alice Palace.  I hope you’re as delighted as I am to find a post written by the ever adorable Alice Palace. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read her thoughts and musings on a variety of subjects, I invite you to search for “Alice Palace” on my home page, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a few moments of wonder from the eyes of a 4-5 year old. [Here’s one you’ll definitely enjoy.] Her posts are informative, sweet, and come in the form of a letter written to me.

This is Alice Palace, her dad [Owen Batman of Awesomeness] and Bon-bon, her little sister, who apparently was as cooperative as one might anticipate preparing for an appearance at a local “trunk or treat.”

 halloween things

Bon-bon was supposed to wear her space girl costume [as in it’s what she planned], but decided at the last moment that she wanted to go as “Maya and the Bee.” She ended up wearing her too small bee costume from two years ago which just makes me giggle but I’m not the mama and stuff.

This is the author. She makes my heart sing, my face smile, and my feet skip.

halloween things

I affectionately refer to her as Alice Palace.

She affectionately refers to her pink glasses as her party glasses. Can I tell you how delightful it is that she sometimes puts them on when I come to visit?

Adore — which is how I think you’ll feel about her post.

Halloween Things I Know by Alice Palace

I love you, Teresa, but there’s something I need to tell you about Halloween. I was gonna tell you something about Halloween that I don’t even think you would know about. It’s that every day that Halloween is on, some people can watch Halloween movies. And when you go to people’s houses, they give you a treat or a toy.

Know why we have Halloween?

Because Jack-o-Lanterns are so fun to look at and they are so spooky.

Can I share some Halloween things that I know?

Some people have ghost decorations. And some people have vampire decorations.

My Halloween costume is going to be a bat—flap, flap, flap. And my sister Bonnie’s costume is going to be a space girl. My mom is going to be outer space and her tummy is a planet from a different universe. You can tell because it only has two rings. I thought she should put more rings like Saturn, though. My dad is going to be Batman.

We went to a pumpkin patch and I found a really silly colorful pumpkin. It made me want to take it home, so I did. Bonnie found one like mine, but much smaller. It had the same colors. We put them on our front porch. I’ll send you a picture, because it’s just so happy and fun.

halloween things

Sometimes we draw spooky pictures and sometimes it’s a monster picture.

The End.

Delightful, right? I can hardly even wait until her next post.

And just for you, Alice, I found a perfectly wonderful little story time about bats called, “Stellaluna.”

Flap, flap, flap.

I love you, Alice Palace.

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    1. She’s an adorable little girl who explains things delightfully! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. It’s a big deal.

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