Scarf tying tips and tricks | Oct 31

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Scarf tying tips and tricks

Scarf tying tips and tricks. Here it is. [I know. It’s a splendid thing, really.] It has taken me a minute to put it together. It is video perfection, and yes, this should make a couple of your dreams come true. Remember how I mentioned before that my photography skills were A #1 ‘cept not really? Well–my videography skills are ten times up to the sky and all the way around the moon and back better than my photography skills. Better. So much better. A little better? [Have you ever read, “The Bitter Butter Battle” by Dr. Seuss? Read it aloud. Delightful. It’s Seuss. Of course it’s delightful.] Cri–min–it–ly. THAT is exactly how my day has gone. Exactly.


Maybe that only happens to me.


scarf tying tips

I started wearing scarf poofs of awesomeness when we were in China during May and June of 2014. It was unusually hot which translates into unusually humid which then translates into astonishingly crazy hair. I didn’t even bring a blow dryer or a straightener because it’s an exercise in futility. It’s a festival of unmanageable curls and a frizz-o-rama-llama-thon. We were there for five weeks. I was an American in Beijing who was easily identifiable because of the scarf poofs. Some of the poofs were the size of my head.

I was so adorable and I knew it.

My hair was out of my face and not resembling a nest for any kind of critter.

I love these things.

Scarf poofs of awesomeness.

Whatever you call them, I’m throwing down four ideas for snazzing up the topside of your head.

This isn’t one of them. This is Beans. He’s a dog the size of a horse–and his people love him.

Jodie agreed to take photos of her little dinosaur with a scarf on. At first glance,you’d think that the scarf was a miniscule bit of fabric–the thinness of a shoestring.

You’d be wrong.

scarf tying tips

 Beans is simply an enormous creature.

In delightful contrast, I give you Oscar. [I think a book needs to be written entitled, “Oscar and Beans.” I’m on it.] He would do anything for his person, Annie, including donning a scarf.

scarf tying tips

 Which brings us back to scarf tying tips and tricks.

Here’s what you find in the tutorial.

#1—How to tie a basic scarf.

scarf tying tips

#2—How to poof an infinity scarf.

scarf tying tips

#3—How to tie a knothead band [and add the pull-through].

scarf tying tips

#4—“Making” a simple infinity scarf [original cutting instructions here] and poofing it.

scarf tying tips

Here’s the Super Special Creative Christmas Idea #4–scarf tutorial.


Something I didn’t even think to include on the video are the variations for the lace infinity scarf/band.

Wear it without accessories — OR — add a brooch/a ring [the elastic band rings are wonderful] — OR — add another flower pin.

scarf tying tips

There are tens and tens more ideas to switch it up including adding a flower that doesn’t blend in but ‘pops’ with some color.

As for the top knot–I’m telling you I have fine, thin hair and I love top knots. I have to do them a little differently to make sure they have the appearance of being thick and full. And they need to be as top on my noggin’ as they can get. My guess is that everyone knows how to do that though.

Please ask questions if you have them. In the comments here, on Sweet Creek Moon’s Facebook page, or in a message. You’re welcome to even send a DM on instagram.

Happy to answer the questions.

You’re splendid.

I can just tell.

Have fun!

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