Ghost Adventures St. Anne’s | Nov 16

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Ghost Adventures St. Anne’s

Ghost Adventures St. Anne’s. I know, right? Seriously. I’m talking about THE Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. This rather interesting [I hope to feel the same way about it after the show airs] adventure started casually enough. Someone tagged me in a comment under this particular invitation on Facebook. [The tagger said I was the only famous person she knew. So there’s that.]

ghost adventures

My schedule was open and it sounded very much like an adventure to me. I sent an email. They asked for a picture. They liked it. Voila. I became an extra.

A couple of things you might find interesting.

#1 — I’d never heard of Ghost Adventures. The episode I’m in will be my first — and my last. Horror and scary quite frankly horrifies and scares me.

#2 — When they indicated that I should meet them at the Nunnery, I had no idea what they were talking about. I ended up following a member of the crew up the canyon. We met at the ranger station. [I just feel like maybe you would want to know that.] ~grin~

I’ve driven past this place at least a hundred times and have never noticed it. Never ever. You cross a bridge, walk a bit and there you are. It’s visible from the canyon

Just so you know, there are a hundred more pictures that I could have taken that would have been interesting to you. There are also 15-20 other pictures that members of the crew took and said they would send but never did.


Already over it.


The place is called “The Nunnery” or “St. Anne’s.” [Feel free to google “the nunnery logan canyon” or “st anne’s logan canyon” to find the wide assortment of odd and sometimes informative versions of the stories surrounding the property. Just in case that doesn’t appeal to you in any way, I’ve included a few links in the post.] Without the creepy backstory, the place was quite interesting. Just in case you want the creepy backstory, check this out this rather informative and delightful article. I say “delightful” mostly because it shows three pictures of the swimming pool [which is now in complete disrepair] actually being used. By real and true people and not by ghosts.

The people are laughing and smiling and enjoying themselves.

Splashing about, even.

ghost adventures

That’s me laughing, smiling, and enjoying myself in the same pool.

Notice that I’m standing on the bottom of the pool and I’m not alarmed about the fact that I’m standing on the bottom of the pool.

Chacos. [Think, “Squirrel.’]

 Because there’s no water.

And no ghosts — except that’s me and I played the part of dead nun who was rather strict and pious and ornery and participated in a couple of activities she might not currently be proud of. Which means that I’m technically a ghost.

So, that’s a ghost in the pool. A smiling, rather cheerful ghost in the pool.

Check out part of the camera crew doing their thing.

ghost adventures

Everyone on set was part of the crew, except for me.

I spent about six hours there — from noon until ~6:00. I left just as they were outlining the shape of a pentagram with flour.

“What in the world does a pentagram have to do with the story?”

“Devil worship.”

“Ah. Well, it has been great working with you.”

And off I went.

ghost adventures

My name is Teresa.

That’s a nun costume.

It’s as close as I’ve ever come to being a Mother Teresa.

Also, you have to know that several songs from The Sound of Music were enthusiastically rendered during the filming of this episode.


ghost adventures

There are some colorful houses on the property — actually charming if you can look beyond the boarded doors, boarded windows, broken glass, and the mice and rat scat everywhere.


ghost adventures

That’s me trying as hard as I know how to be spooky.


[Lauren Bowe said it was spooky and that’s all the validation I need.]

This is in the building where they did most of the filming.

Most of the filming that may or may not become so creepy that I won’t even be able to watch it. Not kidding. Here are a few snippets of actual and true pieces of random conversation that took place.

“Can you make your neck look like it’s been snapped?”

I can certainly try.

“We’re going to do some stop motion using the rosary. On my mark, yank your head back like it’s been broken.”

“Hold your head back with your mouth wide open as if you’re screaming.”

“Can you hold your hands in a creepy way?”

 “I want you to look up — be praying –and then on my mark, look at the camera and scream.”

“Your arms looked like they were broken.”

[fyi — that’s one of the pics they said they’d send because they took a few on their smartphones — they were taking pics of the director taking pics]

This is the balcony in the main house where I think most of the filming happened. I say think because there was a group of people that went up the day before I did to film this part of the legend.  Yikes, right?


ghost adventures

This is the fireplace that’s in the main house on the bottom floor. It must have been splendid at one time.

ghost adventures

[It would be dreamy to decorate a mantle like that.]

You can see the balcony banister in the upper left of the photo. Because the doors and windows were all boarded over, the lighting was perfectly creepy.

It didn’t feel creepy, though, because I didn’t know the creepiness factor.

Until later.


When they gave me a swaddled doll and everyone headed to the decaying swimming pool there was a little bit of creepy creeping in.

ghost adventures

That’s the younger nun. She happened to be a member of the crew and because no one else signed up — she got the part. That’s the director’s hand on the right side.

 ghost adventures

He’s pulling the fishing line they’ve connected to the corner of her habit to make it look a bit more eerie.

ghost adventures

Movie magic, my friends. Movie magic.

They told me I could inform people about my adventures with Ghost Adventures once the episode was officially scheduled to air.

It’s official.

ghost adventures

“…dead nuns and hell hounds…’

So what do you think? Am I a dead nun OR a hell hound.


It’s on the Travel Channel.

Of course I’m all kinds of wondering if even 10 seconds of all that they filmed ended up in the episode. It’s not something my adorable nieces will watch. Or my nephews. Because creepy. Mixed with spooky music and filters and editing I can’t imagine I’ll even want to watch it with the volume up.

Or my eyes open.

Here’s a final photo for you. Well — two final photos. While they were setting up to do some of the indoor shots, they asked if I would just stand there so they could figure out the lighting. The cameraman asked me for my phone and took a photo through his very nice camera lens.

Pretty cool.

In a creepy, stern kind of way.

ghost adventures

And here’s the picture I asked him to take once they had the lighting figured out.

ghost adventures

 If you watch the episode, and things become a little bit too much for you, think of this photo, will you? Because that’s pretty much what the day was like for me.

 Can’t [but a little bit I can] wait to see how it turns out.

Just remember this: I was acting.

[Insert wide, incredulous eyes.]

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2 thoughts on “Ghost Adventures St. Anne’s | Nov 16

  1. I love this! And yes, it is Spooooooooky! I can’t even imagine the wildness they are going to do with your creepy hands and screaming nun faces. Ahhhhh! Yay for adventures… Ghost adventures… Ya… Dead nuns and hellhounds…. Hmmmm 😉

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