LuLaRoe meets Sweet Creek Moon

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LuLaRoe meets Sweet Creek Moon

LulaRoe meets Sweet Creek Moon. Something I have in common with a lot of people [to be quite frank, there are no official statistics] is the appreciation love of clothing.

FACT — all of the people within my circle of association have been clothed. All.

How is that not sufficient research? Seriously.

I’d heard about LuLaRoe and decided to give them a try.

[No, I don’t sell the brand and no this is not a sponsored post.]  


That dress is adorable.

Adorable and long enough and the sleeves. Have I mentioned the sleeves?

The patterns they had to choose from are delightful and different. I’ve learned that if you see something you like — you grab it. They don’t keep items in stock. Once they’re gone — they’re gone.  Different sellers have different prints, sizes, and styles available.


There are a plethora of people selling the brand. Jenifer introduced me to it. She’s delightful. [She won’t know I’ve even said that unless she reads the post.] She really is delightful. I’ve included a link to her instagram page in case you haven’t ever tried LuLaRoe and would like to.



I love the tights with this dress. Love.

Also, denim is a neutral which means it goes with everything.

That’s not a news flash for most of you — but — if you didn’t know it and now you know it — what a great day!

You’re welcome.


Now back to this dress. Stripes are an easy mix when it comes to any kind of a floral. Because this particular pattern is a bold one, the stripe is quite wide.


They look fabulous with the dress.


 Just for the fun of it, I’ll show you a couple of different color combinations that turned out delightfully.



Which one caught your eye?


My lovely white legs are a bit too brilliant for humankind. I know — put some tights on — which is what I did and loved the results.

Thank you, Jenifer, for introducing me to LuLaRoe. I love the items I have. The length is a bonus. The fabric isn’t thin and falls nicely without being clingy. [Clingy just ends up looking like you need a fabric softener or some Static Guard.]

The fabric selection is delightful.

[Remember —  if you see something you love in the size you need — snag it.]

They sell a relatively small number of designs and styles. It’s a very specific niche that they have done remarkably well in.

I’m impressed with their marketing. LuLaRoe is able to sell consistently at a higher price point in a market that is completely saturated.

It’s marketing genius.

Are you a LuLaRoe fan? What’s your favorite style?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Enjoy the day, my beautiful friends.

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    1. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thank you! And I like the way you expressed it as a “happy outfit.”

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