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Jingle Books, Jingle Books — Gift a Book Today! 

Jingle books, jingle books! Okay, let’s talk gifts and reading and books and gifts. Every year I struggle to find the perfect gift. I adore giving thoughtful, meaningful gifts to show the people I love how much they mean to me and L.O.V. E. LOVE to give books as gifts but I know many (especially my niece and nephews) are expecting it.

jingle books

Obviously Aunt Karen is going to gift books, duh!

And then, in the excitement of Christmas morning, they usually get tossed aside in the paper ripping ritual because:

Look, look, LOOK KAREN!!!! I got the most awesome ninja turtle/ant man/video game/skis/didgeridoo-whatever and it’s so cool and awesome and you must look immediately!!!!!!! HOOOORRRAAAYYY!!!

jingle books

After the frenzy is over and the breakfast waffles are eaten, we can usually settle down and read together which is ever so fun. In fact, my little Q-Bert loves books and we have a blast reading together. Last year I gave him Warning: Do Not Open This Book and it was a HIT! But…I am a selfish aunt and I want the immediate recognition that comes with ninja turtles. This year I have been thinking about changing things up a bit. Not to worry, they will still be getting books. (I cannot deny my librarian nature) But I have thought of a way to amp up the fun factor by pairing them with a little bit of awesome-sauce.
In the spirit of giving I present:


Picture books are always fun with a cuddly friend.

Older kids also like to cuddle so:


Don’t limit yourselves to picture book gifts. You can make fabulous book gift pairs for older kids and teens too.

jingle books

It can be intimidating to select a book for someone so gift card options are always great and pair easily with awesome “container” type gifts.

jingle books

Now wrapping a book in something useful sounds like loads of reading fun, right!?

You can also skip the book altogether and give a book-themed gift.

I’m telling you, go CRAZY this gift giving season and hand out those literary treasures to everyone. Have fun and be creative! You are only limited by your imagination (and your pocketbook).

jingle books

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