Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Christmas 2016

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Stocking Stuffer Idea

A Stocking stuffer idea, huh? Okay. Let’s talk about an idea for a stocking stuffer, because it’s that time of year. The time of year we stuff stockings which comes directly after the time of year we stuff ourselves.

[I’m thinking of pie, right now. And stuffing.]

I’m sitting here wondering where all of you are in terms of Christmas shopping. There have to be people who’ve been done with their shopping since January of this year. [Bless their hearts, right? Not that we don’t love you and all, but seriously.] Some of you might be surprised to even discover that today is December 13th and that means that there are 12 shopping days [that link will tell you exactly how much time you have left] until the littles, the mediums, and the bigs wake up to the splendor that is Christmas morning.

Christmas morning!

The season tends to bring a fancy bit of juggling with it. Trying to figure out how to make something beautiful and wonderful in the way of memories, activities and associations at the same time you’re standing in longer and longer lines, counting pennies, shuffling budgets, attending parties, making cookies and packaging them perfectly until you want to poke your eyes out.

Tis the season.

So, I have an idea — well — it’s not actually an idea — it’s something I do in an effort to juggle my feelings during the season — it’s a little stocking stuffer idea that packs a big punch.

stocking stuffers

Ahhh. The holidays.

They happen every year with astonishing regularity. Okay, maybe not so much astonishing as it is regular but wow that it’s December, right? And for some reason [which I am acutely and clearly aware of but wonder if that kind of thing would bore you to senselessness quite quickly, so we’ll skip it for now] I have to make a specific effort not to be the ornery – hearted Grinchalita of the universe.

Particularly towards Handsome Dude.

[Is there anyone within the sound of my tappity – tappin’ little fingers that ‘gets’ that as in, “Oh. Me, too,” hmm?]

It has so little to do with Handsome Dude — believe me he has imperfections and flaws just like the rest of us — BUT — when that’s all I focus on BAM there go any feelings of generosity. Suddenly the way he eats his cereal becomes grounds for indignation and wide-eyed disapproval.

Grinchalita growls.


Here’s what you’ll need for this stocking stuffer idea.

No, it’s not too late to start.

stocking stuffer

These little notebooks came in a pack of three for $1.29 at a local grocery store. If it’s going to be a family affair [maybe pick names OR help them decide that the person they get along the least with is the very one they should be doing it for] these little notebooks leave plenty of room for drawing and writing creativity. It’s also a small page to fill. You can decorate the little notebooks with washi tape, scrapbook paper, duck tape, buttons, puffy paints, and anything else you can think of.

You can use any number of tiny notebooks [remember you want it to fit into the stocking AND it’s not as overwhelming when you think of filling a page].

Use pieces of paper folded in half and stapled.

Index cards that you’ve punched holes in and tied together with bows/string/yarn.

It just needs to be something to write on.

[Bigger pieces of paper made into a little notebook for a brother or sister who’s drawing what he or she’s thankful for will help.]

And use whatever you’re comfortable writing/drawing with.

stocking stuffer

 Except — don’t use a pencil because it will fade over time. And you will care about that, I promise. When someone gives you a little notebook filled with the wonderful things they see in you, and the things that they are grateful for, and the talents and abilities you have that have blessed them it will make your heart sing and your feet dance and your face smile.

You will read it more than once.

They will pull that little stocking stuffer out and plant themselves in a spot where they can just read and read and read.

And if there is ever a time, for even the length of a minute, that YOU forget that they feel that way — remember where you stored it away so that you can read it again and again and again.

You might want to glue a prompt sheet on the inside of the notebook to give ideas about what to look for.

[Most of you won’t need one speck of help because you know that finding the good changes the way you see a day, or another person, or a hardship, or anything like that.]

I love _________ .
You are a ______________.

Every time I see you, you’re helping someone.

I love that you sing so much in the house.

Thank you for sharing your family with us.

I love that you let your little girls send me videos.

I love to watch you be a momma.

You are so kind.

You’re heart is full of gladness.

You care about other people’s sorrow.

You’ve emptied the dishwasher without a single prompt.

You do what you say you will do. I am grateful for that.

You make my favorite food.

You’re courageous.

I love this about you.

 Fill that little notebook with as much generosity as you can muster and then quietly slip it into the stocking on Christmas Eve.

The recipient will rejoice and then read.

You will rejoice because you just recorded all the generosity that you can think of. That’s a big deal.

That kind of gift doesn’t get thrown away or forgotten.

Let me know if you start one! I’d love to know how it’s going AND what your ideas are to improve the gladness.

[I re-posted this because several of you have let me know that you actually did this in your families. I adore that. Adore it. Thank you for sharing the stories. I would love to hear more of them.]

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2 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Christmas 2016

  1. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing! I am definitely going to do this with my 5 kids. I will let you know how it goes.

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