Frozen yogurt pie | Cool Whip pie

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Frozen yogurt and Cool Whip pie.

Frozen yogurt pie (that has Cool Whip in it).

In a word: yum.

In a sentence: It’s the easiest pie I’ve ever made in the whole entire length of my fascinating life.

The only way pie could possibly be easier is if I purchased it or someone made it for me.

frozen yogurt pie

I’m a pie girl. I die for pie. I cry for pie.

Okay. No I don’t. But I do love pie.

Here are a couple of things you ought to know about this fluffy, refreshing, simple pie.

#1–It’s fluffy.

#2–It’s refreshing.

#3–It for real and true will require 10 minutes of your time if your crust is ready-made.
[Which explains the title of this post quite splendidly: Frozen yogurt and Cool Whip pie.]

#4–YOU pick the flavor.

#5–It’s delicious.

#6–Have I mentioned it’s easy-squeezy-are-you-kidding-me-easy to make?

Here’s the pie in all of it’s deliciousness.

frozen yogurt pie

[I have now officially taken longer to write this post than it will actually take you to mix the pie.]

I don’t know what the real and true name of the pie is. Not kidding. Fluffy Frozen Deliciousness would definitely work. Or Creamy, Dreamy Yogurt Pie. Yeh.

When I was young [like last week] and working my way through college, I was a checker in a grocery store.

A patron came through my line with an abundance of several items. I asked her what she was making and she said, “Pie.

The easiest pie you’ll ever make.”

[She was making enough pies to feed a small country, by the looks of it.]

She gave me the recipe.

When my shift was over, I lickity-split purchased the ingredients and made my first ever in the world pie.

Success to the Sweet Creek Moon and still there.

Frozen yogurt and Cool Whip pie

1 graham cracker crust

Buy one that’s already made if you’re in a big hurry or make one using your favorite recipe–which will only add only 10 minutes to your prep time.

Here’s my favorite recipe.
[Okay. This is the dealio–I don’t have a favorite recipe. It’s simple. Simple works.]

One package of graham crackers crumbled into very fine particulates.

[Somewhere in the world, a scientist is rejoicing because I used that word.]

pie crust

It should equal about 1 1/2 cups of graham cracker crumbs.
[Don’t pack the crumbs into the measuring cups–just scoop it in.]

frozen yogurt pie

6 Tbsp of butter–melted.

frozen yogurt pie

Don’t burn the buttah.

Pour the crushed graham crackers directly into the pie tin. Add the melted butter and whisk it a Merry Christmas.


Set aside 3-4 Tablespoons to use later.

1 1/2 cups of graham crackers mixed with 6 Tbsp. of butter makes a pretty thick crust and a little bit extra.

frozen yogurt pie

The little bit extra is perfect for filling one mini muffin tin.

Use a soup spoon [mostly because we’re super fancy] to fill the tiny baking cups.

Use the bottom of a travel size spray bottle to compact the crumbs.
[Or whatever you have in your home that works.]

frozen yogurt pie

Press the crumbs into the pie tin.

Now to the filling.

Frozen yogurt and Cool Whip pie

Here’s what you’ll need.

frozen yogurt pie

I know, right? Fantastic.

2 (8) oz tubs OR 1 (16) oz tub of thawed Cool Whip

Thaw the Cool Whip in your refrigerator — not on the counter — because that would change the texture of the pie.

You want it to be fluffy when you mix it.

Freezer to fridge over night works splendidly.

3 (6 ) oz containers of raspberry yogurt

Any kind of yogurt will do. I’ve tried kiwi pie, a berry medley, and a berry with banana mix. All delicious.

And that’s it.

Except for the fresh raspberries Handsome Dude brought in later.

[Some of you might prefer the ratio of one 8 oz. Cool Whip to two 6 oz. containers of yogurt.
I like the top of the filling to be well above the top of the pie tin.
And there’s always the bonus of having just enough of the fluffy deliciousness to lick off of the spatula and out of the bowl.]

Spoon the Cool Whip and yogurt into a medium to large mixing bowl.

frozen yogurt pie

Manually mix it together with a spatula or even a whisk in the bowl.

Once mixed, spoon or scoop the yummy combination into the crusts — the pie and little baking cups.

frozen yogurt pie

At this point, you probably realize that it’s next to impossible to prevent that fluffy, pink mixture of so-so-good from entering your mouth.

Enjoy. Every. Moment of it.

Once they’re filled, sprinkle the extra graham cracker and butter mix over the top. Place them in the freezer for about 4 hours or until solid.

frozen yogurt pies

frozen yogurt pie

frozen yogurt pie

Take the pie out of the fridge about 15 minutes before you want to serve it. It completely depends on how creamy-dreamy you want it to be.

If you’re serving the entire pie, take it out of the freezer, cut the pie and place the pieces on serving plates.
By the time you’re done eating dinner and clearing the table that pie will be ready for eatin’.

Now is the time to add fresh fruit if you have it. It adds a fabulous pop of color and interest.

Your fork will slide effortlessly through the pie.

Your heart will begin to sing and your face will break into a smile as you eat.

 frozen yogurt pie

I would L O V E to hear which flavor of yogurt you use and how your Frozen yogurt and Cool Whip pie turns out.

It’s delicious but don’t just take my word for it.

You realize you have time to make it for dinner tonight, right?

frozen yogurt pie

Glitterdone. ~grin~

Frozen yogurt pie | Cool Whip pie

1 pkg of graham crackers, crushed

6 Tbsp of butter, melted

2 (8) oz tubs OR 1 (16) oz tub of Cool Whip, thawed in refrigerator

3 (6) oz containers of yogurt

A few pieces of fresh fruit to garnish with if you'd like.

Pour the crushed graham crackers directly into the pie tin. Add the melted butter and whisk it.

Set aside 3-4 Tbsp of the mixture to use later.

Press the crumbs into the pie tin and set aside.

Spoon the Cool Whip and yogurt into a med-large mixing bowl. Use a spatula or a whisk to mix together.

Once mixed scoop that yummy combination into the crust.

Sprinkle the extra crust mix on the top of the pie.

Place it in the freezer for about 4 hours.

Take the pie out of the refrigerator about 15 minutes before you want to serve it. Cut the pie and place the pieces on serving plates. It will be perfectly thawed by the time you've cleared the table and are ready for dessert.

Garnish with fresh fruit if desired.

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2 thoughts on “Frozen yogurt pie | Cool Whip pie

  1. I’ve made this pie a few times and it was a big hit. Family is due in a few days and when asking the kids what desserts to make, they demanded this one! Thank you for a winner of a dessert. 😍

    1. Oh! Yay that I actually saw your comment. I think being in China bungled things up a bit. I love that your family loves the pie. A lot I love it. What flavor of yogurt do they like?

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