National Pie Day | Jan 23

national pie day
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National Pie Day

National Pie Day advisory: find a pie — grab a fork — skip the plate.

national pie day

You realize that today is National Pie day, right? And by “today” I mean any day you’re reading this post.

[That particular pie can be found here.]

And now I present you with an ode to pie.

Ode to Pie

Oh, the deliciousness of pie
in the shape of round
or triangle and square
with fruit
 crinkled edges and crisscross top
or crunchy bits of sweetness
with ice cream
or plain
And cream filled
caramel mixtures
with pecans
drizzled with chocolate
meringue topped
and pudding
Served on a plate
deliberately selecting the next bite
with a perfect crust-to-filling ratio
savoring each morsel of heaven
forget the plate
overlook the ratio
the portions
and dig in.

I totally just made that up–like right now.

I think it’s a gift.

Or something.


And as you’re eating the pie you know you ought to eat to officially and enthusiastically celebrate this very fine day of pie recognition — I give you an adorable rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance. She’s three years old; her name is Bonnie; she’s my niece. It was originally posted on Inauguration Day 2017. I’ve annotated it because that kind of thing just makes me smile and any day of the week I will take an opportunity to do that.

Jus fer ah
Uh pledge uhleeyunce fer og
Pledge ub uhleeyunce to the flag
for all nations
for for ‘Merica
to uh plug it for which it stands
one nathun umber God for I’m in the
invis uh biggle with lesterdee and dustice for og

If you can figure out how to watch the video at the same time you’re reading the annotation, you will do nothing but grin.

 Happy National Pie Day.

This important holiday is officially extended indefinitely.
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