The sky is falling

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The Sky is Falling

You know the story about the little chicken called Chicken Little who said the sky was falling, right?
“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

Well–of course the sky wasn’t falling. It might have been rain, or hail, sleet, freezing rain, an acorn. Or snow.

[Speaking of snow–I love that lovely stuff.]

Or a meteor.

And that’s not really so much falling as it is blasting itself through the atmosphere.

[I’m certainly not a scientist, but Handsome Dude is, so what I say is probably possibly not even likely true.]

But it wasn’t the sky.

Speaking of skies–this is a cloud:

sky is falling

And speaking of clouds–this is a spider.

Not really a spider.

It’s a story–an actual real live and true one–about spiders.

This is the link to the story of horrifyingness of arachnids.  You’re welcome.

The thing that brings the cloud together with the spiders is this rather lovely sentence from an article on from February 15, 2013 (yes, indeed this is historically accurate):

“A veritable cloud of spider and web filled with thousands of very large spiders.”

[I’ll repeat that because I’m a generous person and all.]

“A veritable cloud of spider and web filled with thousands of very large spiders.”

[Did anyone else happen to notice the astonishing absence of an exclamation point at the end of that sentence?]

This is how I see it.

sky is falling

Which would be quickly followed by:

sky is falling

There is some inaccuracy in the left drawing seeing as I appear to be somewhat calm in spite of the fact that several spiders are within astonishing proximity to my person.

Well–it’s actually inaccuracy straight across the drawing board here because in the right drawing, I couldn’t figure out how to make me look like I was running faster than it looks like I am.

Oh–and one more line from the aforementioned article:

“The spiders in the video are very large and robust…”

How delightful is that?

“The spiders in the video are very large and *robust…”

*ro-bust /rōˈbəst/

       Adjective – 1. (of a person, animal, or plant) Strong and healthy: vigorous.
2. (of an object) Sturdy in construction.
Remember the August 2016 Summer Olympic Games?

The theme?  Live your passion.

The place?  Rio de Janiero.

Which is in Brazil.

Which is where the strong, healthy, vigorous spiders were.

Not kidding.

All y’all were thinking about gymnastics, diving, sailing, volleyball, sportsmanship, precision, hard work, the opening ceremonies, and possibly Vinicius. That’s the name of the mascot that was “born out of the explosion of joy that followed the announcement that Rio would host the Olympic Games, on 2 October 2009.”


Not me.

All I could think about were those robust spiders.

Visit Rio de Janiero.

Go to Idaho.


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sky is falling

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