Silver White Winters Melt into Spring

silver white winters
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Silver White Winters Melt into Spring

Silver white winters that melt into spring is a perfectly lovely way to describe what’s going on around here. I’m a girl who loves winter — and spring and summer and fall. Change is such a marvel to me. There are two changes afoot right now. One is the weather and the other is that I’ve started to wear a watch again. I know, right? I have a handy dandy iPhone that quickly tells me whatever I need to know including what time it is.

On my @sweetcreekmoontoo Instagram account, I’ve noticed several friends and associates wearing and declaring their love for a rather unique watch company: Wood Watches by JORD.

I was delighted when they extended an invitation to me to select a watch from their astonishing variety and then tell you about it. All the words you’re reading are mine, mine, mine. I’m not a robot and do some pretty fabulous thinking on my own. No fluff. No schmoozing. You already know I won’t post any random item people ask me to post because no. Not my deal.

Now let me introduce you to my latest child ermm friend watch. He’s going to eventually have a name, because seriously. Go meet him.

He’s extraordinary.

The most visually distinctive difference between this watch and any other watch I have in my jewelry collection is that it’s crafted from wood — from wood! The particular watch I chose is made of a rich, dark Sandalwood with a smoke-colored face. I love the bigger watch face. Adding bracelets, bangles, or a pearl necklace wrapped several times around my wrist makes for a beautiful statement ensemble. Wrist art at its finest.

silver white winters

I wasn’t sure if the larger band and face would completely overwhelm a smaller wrist, but it didn’t. At all.

[Notice the snow which is still plentiful around here in spite of three days of the warmth of the sun.]

Let’s take a moment to view the largest snowman I’ve ever seen. It’s the size of a house. No. Really. It’s the size of a house.

silver white winters

Driving back and forth into town has been a bit more delightful because of it.

Back to the gorgeous watch. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one smitten by their watches. In fact, I’m certain.

Wood Watches by Jord has generously set up an exclusive giveaway for YOU. One lucky follower will receive a $100 gift code towards any watch on their site. [I’m adding those links in just a moment. I wanted to finish sharing the good news first.] Everyone else — as in all of you who enter — will receive a $25 gift code to use on one of their extraordinary watches.

Check out a few of their pieces — I guarantee you will be ooooing and ahhhhhing:

Here’s a link to their women’s watches:

silver white winters

Not to make you jealous or anything — but seriously with the name.

Help a girl out, hmm?

Here’s where you enter to win the $100 gift code or at the very least receive a $25 gift code for entering at all.

Enter with the magical hidden-in-this-sentence link.

The contest ends on February 10th so glitterdone, my friends! Click on the link and enter, enter, enter!

Thank you Wood Watches by JORD!

But seriously with the name. If I select YOUR name as the name for the watch [because he needs a name] you’ll receive something. I don’t know. But something.

Silver white winters that melt into spring! These are a few of my favorite things.

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