Shirt to scarf magic

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Shirt to scarf magic

Shirt to scarf magic isn’t really magic at all. It’s mostly an idea born out of desperation. Quite simply I needed an accessory. Astonishingly–and that is no small deal friends of this blog spot–the accessory collection was coming up with nothing usable.

How in the world is that even possible? Tis a puzzlement. I almost went back to bed and pulled the covers over my perplexed head.

And then I went downstairs–to that room of wonder and piles to see what I could throw together. For reasons that I don’t completely understand urgency kicks my brain into high gear.

I went into the craft room of awesomeness and spied a shirt that I’d purchased–size XL–Downeast–for less than $2.00. Surely there’s something a person can do with a bit of lace in the shape of a shirt.


I ended up cutting off the bottom 14 1/2″. And guess what? It’s stretchy lace [not to be confused with stretchy pants] which means I didn’t need to hem it–which is hallelujah.  ~grin~

Here it is.


[It just occurred to me that it could also be Sweet Reek Moon–as in a strong, disagreeable fume or odor. That’s frightful and scary stuff. Hm.]
I technically have 3 shirts and a little cute, striped cardigan thingy on.
Here it is again.

I can hardly even stand it.


The color on the wall is a rather fabulous color of chili pepper-ish red.
The yellow flowers floating by my head are attached to a wreath.
The lace shirt that’s not the shirt-to-scarf is a lovely coral color.


October is going to be a great month–I can feel it.

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