Let it snow, snowflake craft | Dec 20

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Let it snowflake

Let it snowflake–as in let’s make a snowflake! Today [as in right now] is December 20th. Seriously. It’s time distortion at its very best. You know what I mean, right? When you’re a kid, everything you want to happen—birthday celebrations, Disneyland trips, a new puppy, sugared breakfast cereal, feeding the ducks, Christmas morning, stuff like that—seems to happen at the sluggish speed of a turtle walking through tar. Everything else—dentist visits, homework, Monday mornings, grade reports, quizzes, bedtime, stuff like that—happens at the dizzying pace of “Whoa.”

It’s December.


It’s the month of giving. [Giving, people. Giving. Gratitude is soooo last week–so November–which means we’re officially done with that.] It’s the month of ugly sweater parties, lights, Christmas trees, secret Santa generosity, naughty and nice lists, traveling to Grandma’s house, countdowns, advent calendars, eggnog and elves sitting on shelves [and wreaking havoc when they’re not].

Which brings me to the moment when I post a photo that has nothing to do with anything except the last ten words of the previous sentence.

This moment.

I give you: Shelf on the Elf.

 Shelf on an Elf

I don’t have clever ideas nearly as often as I’d like—which simply means that when they do happen someone else is going to know about it besides moi.


Back to the ‘let it snowflake’ part of the show.


Let it snow snowflake craft

These are simple to create and the directions are all over the internet.

My uber creative niece (well, ONE of my uber creative nieces) helped me put together a masterpiece of a tutorial video. ~grin.grin.grinnity.grin~

Here’s what you’ll need before you click on “play.”

snowflake materials

  –6 squares [mine happen to be 6×6 but I’ve used 12×12 and 3×3 sizes–just be sure they are square–rectangles definitely won’t work–and circles–cirlces won’t work either]

–clear tape, 1/2″ thick works the best for me–just use what you have [except not duct tape–you will wail, my friends, you will wail]

–glue, if’d you prefer to glue instead of tape—or do a combination of the two

[It takes more time and isn’t that big of a difference aesthetically.]


–a paper cutter, to cute the squares with

–a ruler to measure the distance between the lines you’ll be cutting on the diagonal

[Unless you can eyeball the distance, which is what I did in the tutorial, because I forgot NOT to eyeball it.]

–a pencil to mark the lines you’ll be cutting on the diagonal

[Unless you are giving the whole eyeball thing a go.]

Consider skimming through the photos before actually trying to make a snowflake.

[A link to the tutorial is at the end of the post.]

As a preface to the five photos that are coming, know that in the process of trying to take the bright fire of yellow out of the photo–aaAaarGgghh–the blue is boring and dull. BUT–there will be no bright fire of yellow to melt your corneas.

You’re welcome.

snowflake 1

[Heed my warning, fair readers.]

snowflake 2


snowflake 3

  –fold in half again

–mark the lines you want to cut OR be crazy wild and eyeball it

–N O T I C E the red word spelled i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t

It would be worth it to practice on a plain ol’ piece of copy paper just to get the hang of it.

I just fold it like a book and hold ‘the spine’ of the book in my left hand while I cut with my right.

snowflake 4

[There is a distinct possibility that that photo was less of an explanation and more of a confuzification.]

Ask questions.

Go ahead and ask ’em.


snowflake 5


Now all you need to do is watch the “Let it Snowflake”  tutorial.

The snowflakes are so fun and can be hung from just about anywhere.
Share a photo of your masterpiece and I’d be happy to post it. [You can message it to me through my Sweet Creek Moon Facebook account if you’d like.]
I would love it.

Theres’s a place in your house for a snowflake or two.

It’s the kind of decoration that doesn’t come down at the end of December. So—if  you don’t have a moment to spare right this very moment–there’s still time.

Let it snow and while it’s snowing, craft away! Enjoy the snowflake craft and please ask me questions if you have them.


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