Olaf Valentine Day Free Printable | #1

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Olaf Valentine Day Free Printable

I’m reposting an Olaf Valentine Day free printable series [there are four total] because there are still several requests. Of course, I’ll repost. This is the first one. Hopefully it’s far enough away from Valentine’s Day to give you a chance to make a fun activity out of it.

There are three more Olaf Valentine Day free printables headed your way in the next two weeks.
Here’s that little guy who charmed his frosty little self into our lives and made us all melty in the heart several years ago. I love going to fantastic movies and falling in love with the music and the characters and the story.

Frozen charmed a lot of people–including me.

Here’s what I originally intended.
Olaf valentine day free printable
— the swag was going to be 3-D
— you would cut out the tiny pendants
— write ‘this much’ in tiny letters on the tiny pendant
— carefully cut slits into the paper
— slip the ends of the jute through the slits
— tape the ends on the back
— and voila!
One card done. One.
Ain’t nobody got time for that.
[It was cute, though.]
Here’s the modification. [Thank goodness for modifications.]
Olaf Valentine Day free printable #1
It’s a play on the word Olaf–you know O-laf [I lof] you.
Here’s what it looks like.
Olaf valentine day free printable sheet
Tomorrow’s post will be hopelessly devoted to step-by-step pics and instructions for this little fella.
And don’t forget to watch for two more Valentine’s.
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