Olaf Valentines Day idea #1 tutorial

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Olaf Valentines Day idea #1 tutorial

Here’s the Olaf Valentines Day idea #1 tutorial and it’s all about putting the first Valentine together. [By way of explanation, “Valentine’s Day” doesn’t have an apostrophe because of the ding-dong-dang limits set by WordPress for a title. It will henceforth be: Olaf Valentine’s Day idea tutorial #1.]

This is the ‘how-to’ post. After you’ve seen how to put one together, the rest will be a breeze.

For real.

Let’s get started.

Here’s the first Olaf Valentine’s Day idea completed.

 Olaf this much final step
[So cute. Just so cute.]
There are four Valentines per printable page.
It works to leave the tiny hearts suspended–or–you can connect them with a very fine marker, a ball point pen or a crayon, I suspect.
[I’ll show you that in a minute.]
And here’s the ‘how-to” part.

You’ll need:

— white cardstock
[If you have 40 kids who need a Valentine, you’ll need 10 pieces of cardstock. Use any color you’d like to but remember that darker colors will camouflage the words.]
— a fine marker, ballpoint pen, or a crayon
— double sticky tape
— one piece of Valentine’s Day candy or something to tape to the card
— print your Valentine cards [there are 4/page]
[Suggestion: print the first one on a piece of copy paper just to make sure it looks like you want it to.]
–cut the 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper into quarters
If you leave the hearts suspended, all you need to do is to get your little one to sign their name/tape a heart on and it’s done.
It’s simple. And it’s done.
If you want to add an extra ‘cute’ to the valentine…
 — draw a loop from each heart–8 total.
[That will take about 4 seconds.]
— draw a string ‘through’ the loops.
[That will also take about 4 seconds.]
— tape a chocolate treat to the card
— sign the card
And that [drum roll, hand clap, jubilant skip, hummity-hum, cartwheel] is idea #1.
[Just to make sure you realize, it’s the same one that was posted yesterday.]
It would be all kinds of delightful if you wanted to send me a pic of you and your little one(s) putting these together. All kinds of delightful.
One down–three to go.
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