Olaf Valentine Day Free Printable | #1

Olaf Valentine Day Free Printable I’m reposting an Olaf Valentine Day free printable series [there are four total] because there are still several requests. Of course, I’ll repost. This is the first one. Hopefully it’s far enough away from Valentine’s Day to give you a chance to make a fun activity out of it. ThereRead more

Let it snow, snowflake craft | Dec 20

Let it snowflake Let it snowflake–as in let’s make a snowflake! Today [as in right now] is December 20th. Seriously. It’s time distortion at its very best. You know what I mean, right? When you’re a kid, everything you want to happen—birthday celebrations, Disneyland trips, a new puppy, sugared breakfast cereal, feeding the ducks, Christmas morning, stuff likeRead more