Individual Frozen Key Lime Pies

Individual Frozen Key Lime Pies Individual Frozen Key Lime Pies. Okay. Before we start into the most delicious part of the post, I’m going to share an epiphany I’ve had [check out definition #3 on that link]. Give me a few sentences to digress and then we’ll be right back on target or skip ahead to the recipe part except seriously, get backRead more

Pumpkin wishes fall expectations

Pumpkin wishes and fall expectations It’s September and you know exactly what that means. Pumpkin palooza. I want slippers that I can stick in the microwave for 30-seconds that will come out smelling like a blessed combination of cinnamon, cloves, and pumpkin. Pumpkin patches. [Seasons are more delightful if you spend at least part of theRead more

Elf on the Shelf | Dec 18

Elf on the Shelf. Well–Shelf on the Elf, actually. ~grin~ Those little elves that several million of you have hanging [quite literally in some cases] around your homes to help instill fear encourage better behavior from children during the merry  month of December have peaked my curiosity for a long time. Of course I don’tRead more