Easy Lemon Oreo Layer Dessert

Easy Lemon Oreo Layer Dessert Easy Lemon Oreo Layer Dessert. This version of the layered dessert is as tasty as the first one. [Here’s the link to that yumminess.] Instead of  the good ol’ — fashioned Oreos I used the Lemon flavored Oreos and wasn’t one bit disappointed. It’s as delicious as it is easy. DidRead more

Simple delicious raspberry cake

Simple delicious raspberry cake If I’m going to eat cake it has to be tasty. Not just regular tasty — really, REALLY tasty. As in delicious [there’s the word I’m looking for]. If I’m the one baking the cake [wide, surprised eyes from members of our studio audience are appropriate and anticipated] it should beRead more

Pumpkin wishes fall expectations

Pumpkin wishes and fall expectations It’s September and you know exactly what that means. Pumpkin palooza. I want slippers that I can stick in the microwave for 30-seconds that will come out smelling like a blessed combination of cinnamon, cloves, and pumpkin. Pumpkin patches. [Seasons are more delightful if you spend at least part of theRead more