Summer Reading Lists: Some Karen, Some Don’t

Summer Reading Lists Summer reading lists. Have you ever asked a friend or local librarian for ideas about what to read next? Well, here’s my little contribution to the conversation. Summer is the busiest time of the year at a public library due, in large part, to a little phenomenon called “SUMMER READING.” Librarians the countryRead more

Bazaar Experience

Bazaar Experience This is the telling of a Bazaar Experience which by my definition was also bizarre. [As in “very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement.”] I love traveling but especially so when traveling with someone who knows the area we’re going to –New York, Illinois, California, China, Israel — anywhere. They knowRead more

Beach Reads — Some Karen Some Don’t

Beach Reads — Some Karen Some Don’t Beach Reads — Some Karen Some Don’t. Beach reads! Summer is coming—WAHOOSERS—and I couldn’t be more excited! My summers are usually jam packed at the library with all the summer reading programs and activities we’ve got planned (seriously, check out your local library for fun summer activities) andRead more

Cookies giveaway winner winner

Cookies giveaway winner winner Well, I’m thinking that this cookies giveaway was something a little extra special, right? Seriously. Because yum. Not kidding. So yum. You know how sometimes specialty cookies focus so much on presentation that taste often takes a back seat? [I know you know what I’m talking about.] Kismet Confections offers a cookie that isRead more