Pillow Palooza

Pillow Palooza Pillow Palooza. That’s the kind of name that would definitely work for the number of pillows I’ve been trying to slam through in the last few days. Nine. Yes, nine pillows in the last four days. Frankly, none of them were difficult–just time consuming. Here’s all nine of them in no particular sort of organization. NineRead more

Cardigan for President

There aren’t enough closets (or storage sheds) in the world to hold every cardigan I’ve ever wanted to own.   I love cardigans. Love them.   This particular cardigan needed one small modification: half sleeves. You’re thinking, “Why don’t you just roll them up? Look. They’re long. Now they’re short. They’re long–now they’re short.”   No.   Too bulky. Read more

The Peanut Butter Bunch

The Peanut Butter Bunch There is something wonderful about children singing. I’m the Primary Chorister in our ward–which means for almost one hour (it’s broken up into two 25-minute sections and a 10-minute moment with the littlest wonders) every Sunday I get to lead the children in singing. Singing.  Singing.  Singing. There is joy in being received well by a groupRead more

From boxy to much better

Greetings and Salutations.  Just so you know–not every dress I own is made of lace (though such a thing wouldn’t make me crazy).  I found this gem at Downeast (it’s a place of wonder when they have the clothes-all-piled-in-boxes-and-scattered-hither-and-yon-on-tables kind of sale) for $15. I put it on and realized immediately that I looked like a lace boxRead more