Salt stained boots winter remedy

Salt stained boots winter remedy Oh, I love winter. The snow, the ice, the temperatures. Getting cold and then scurrying like a crazy girl to get warm. Snowflakes, snow storms, and snow angels. I love the whole change of wardrobe and accessories. And the boots. Bring on the boots. Smooch, smooch to all of it. OfRead more

Simple delicious raspberry cake

Simple delicious raspberry cake If I’m going to eat cake it has to be tasty. Not just regular tasty — really, REALLY tasty. As in delicious [there’s the word I’m looking for]. If I’m the one baking the cake [wide, surprised eyes from members of our studio audience are appropriate and anticipated] it should beRead more

Kitchen cabinet makeover | 2015

Kitchen cabinet makeover Isn’t a kitchen cabinet makeover the stuff of dreams? I mean really. It seems like it is. There are certainly clever and fairly quick ways to make any room in the house feel like it’s ‘new’ or at least refreshed. Pillows, painting and curtains will generally do the trick. But the kitchenRead more