This pumpkin will likely rule the world

I think it’s quite impossible to have creativity without having courage.   Think about it.   Sometimes we’re filled with courage about trying and saying and doing and being new things–but we don’t recognize that THAT’s what it is.   I can do the Cowardly Lion voice. It’s a gift.   ~grin~   I found thisRead more

The Peanut Butter Bunch

The Peanut Butter Bunch There is something wonderful about children singing. I’m the Primary Chorister in our ward–which means for almost one hour (it’s broken up into two 25-minute sections and a 10-minute moment with the littlest wonders) every Sunday I get to lead the children in singing. Singing.  Singing.  Singing. There is joy in being received well by a groupRead more

Of necessity

Pinterest interest:   I pinned a cute frame idea–something simple AND colorful–for my friend’s front door.  (It’s a birthday gift. ~grin~ I don’t just randomly make things and hang them on people’s doors).   I’m covering a frame with two different colors of yarn and using a metal initial instead of a wooden one.  I think.  The Handsome-Dude asked me howRead more

The lamp shade of awesomeness

   Because of the falling-through-the-ceiling guy (that brilliant story here) our house has been in a state of disarray. Insulation covers the land round about. Extensively covers the land round about.    He fell through on July 30.   The ceiling has been patched.   And painted.   They sent someone to clean the house on AugustRead more