Scarf tying tips and tricks | Oct 31

Scarf tying tips and tricks Scarf tying tips and tricks. Here it is. [I know. It’s a splendid thing, really.] It has taken me a minute to put it together. It is video perfection, and yes, this should make a couple of your dreams come true. Remember how I mentioned before that my photography skills were A #1 ‘ceptRead more

Flip-it Books | Some Karen Some Don’t

Flip-it Books | Some Karen Some Don’t Flip-it Books | Some Karen Some Don’t. I cannot believe it’s already October!  It’s one of my favorite months of the entire year. I love the cool and rainy weather, the fall colors, and the opportunity to dress up in costumes at the library. In fact, I dress up theRead more

DIY Accent Rug Pillow Cover

DIY Accent Rug Pillow Cover It’s a DIY accent rug pillow cover — a really cute DIY accent rug pillow cover. I’m guessing that you’ve already done something like this. If you haven’t already done something like this, you’ll probably want to after you’ve read about it. It’s a simple, fun project that doesn’t require a sewingRead more

Summer Reading Lists: Some Karen, Some Don’t

Summer Reading Lists Summer reading lists. Have you ever asked a friend or local librarian for ideas about what to read next? Well, here’s my little contribution to the conversation. Summer is the busiest time of the year at a public library due, in large part, to a little phenomenon called “SUMMER READING.” Librarians the countryRead more