A refreshingly mediocre cookie recipe

A refreshingly mediocre cookie recipe. A refreshingly mediocre cookie recipe and a giveaway. Promise. Please know that I know that you know that the moments are rare when someone asks me [moi, yo, watashi] for a cookie recipe. [Okay–for any recipe.] Let’s face it. I’m not the friendly neighborhood go-to-for-recipes kind of gal. I don’t remember theRead more

Valentines Day Bark Treats | Feb 9

Valentines Day bark

Valentines Day bark treats Okay. Valentines Day bark treats. First of all, I know that Valentine’s Day is spelled like that [with an ‘s] and not like that [sans the ‘s]. It has something to do with the mysterious symbols, punctuation marks, and words that are unacceptable in titles. Second of all, maybe you thought this wasRead more