Alice Palace Loves Heart Stuff

Alice Palace loves heart stuff Alice Palace loves a lot of things. A lot. It’s all kinds of wonderful to be on the list of things she loves. All kinds of wonderful. She became a guest blogger at the very end of last year — 2015. Her first post, Alice Palace and Christmas, made my heart sing. AliceRead more

Some Karen Some Don’t — Valentine Book Edition

Some Karen Some Don’t — Valentine Book Edition Valentine book edition. Love is in the air… At least that’s what I’m told. In reality, from where I’m standing, snow is in the air and when the cold winds are blowing, cuddling up with a book featuring a hint or more of romance can really hitRead more

Valentine Love Note Garland

Valentine Love Note Garland A Valentine Love Note Garland. I know. It sounds dreamy and delightful [okay, maybe not dreamy though certainly delightful] but that wasn’t actually the plan. There was no plan. At all. It’s one of those moments when you see something — on sale — and your mind thinks that it will certainly know what to do withRead more

Salt stained boots winter remedy

Salt stained boots winter remedy Oh, I love winter. The snow, the ice, the temperatures. Getting cold and then scurrying like a crazy girl to get warm. Snowflakes, snow storms, and snow angels. I love the whole change of wardrobe and accessories. And the boots. Bring on the boots. Smooch, smooch to all of it. OfRead more