Cookies for Celebrating and a Giveaway

Cookies for Celebrating Cookies plus celebrating equals true love — which means I know true love because I’ve eaten a lot of cookies this past week in my lifetime. Cookies for celebrating quite simply means there are some occasions where something rather special is in order. I love cookies and celebrating which moves us rather nicely intoRead more

Some Karen, Some Don’t

Some Karen, Some Don’t Since I’m going to be posting monthly on this here website I feel I need a pithy name for my entries. ‘Karen’s Korner’? Too 1970’s. ‘Let’s Read with Miss Karen’? Too kindergarten teacher. ‘READ THIS!’? Far too loud. Then I remembered a nickname I was given as a wee babe by myRead more

All the Light We Cannot See

Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See I have rather wonderful memories of my sisters and I climbing the stairs into the bookmobile [that magical wonderland on wheels] checking out as many books as we were allowed [I think it was 13–each] and then making our way home to read. We’d select our treasures on a Friday after schoolRead more